science-driven innovation



DuPont(2015) “Collaborations Enhance Our Ability to Innovate”


DuPont scientists and engineers connect market needs to science-based solutions. “、”DuPont’s mission has always been to apply world-class science to solving the most difficult challenges of our time. This applies today more than ever, as the 21st century makes extraordinary demands of increasing complexity and scale.”、”Every day, DuPont scientists and engineers are working collaboratively with academics, governments, other companies and organizations to deliver scientific innovations and long-term sustainable solutions to help improve the lives of people everywhere.
With approximately 9,000 scientists and engineers at more than 150 R&D facilities around the world, our scientists have the ability to develop rich insights about local customer needs and foresight about where the next challenges will arise. Our scientists and engineers connect this market knowledge to diverse technology platforms across our businesses.
Global collaboration and market-driven science enable us to respond to customer needs and deliver solutions at a commercial scale.”

Schiermeier, Q. (2010)”Russia to boost university science:But can it break the dominance of the Russian Academy of Sciences without breaking the research base?” Nature, 464, 1257
Published online 27 April 2010

「ロシアの科学的アウトプットは、過去のソ連時代の輝かしい時代とは異なり、中国、インド、韓国にも遅れを取るようになってしまった。ロシアの科学は、1990年代の準-壊滅状態(a near collapse)および西洋への数千人規模の研究者の脱出の打撃からまだ回復してはいない。
ロシアは、こうした衰退状態に対抗し、science-driven innovationを促進(foster)しようと、大学への多額の投資をしようとしている。」ということを報じた記事。

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